I LOVE to travel. My favourite things to do while travelling is to get out of the city and see a country’s natural beauty and to try new food. Castles and waterfalls are my favourite things. Often my travel plans revolve around chasing waterfalls. No wonder my husband proposed to me at a waterfall!


I lived in Melbourne, Australia for 7 months. I absolutely love this country and the people who call it home!

New Zealand

I’ve been to New Zealand twice! The first time was during my undergrad as a volunteering trip with International Student Volunteers. The second time was purely a vacation. New Zealand is one of the most beautiful countries I’ve ever been to!


The land of the Scots! I love castles. “Dalrymple” is Scottish. My family hails from Nova Scotia, or New Scotland.


I love England. Okay, I love everywhere I’ve been. But usually I hate cities, and I really loved London. There’s so much green space inside the city. I also really enjoyed the history and castles.

Northern Ireland

Northern Ireland is truly beautiful. It has a special place in my heart.


The Emerald Isle – full of beautiful countryside and more castles!


My impression of Paris is it’s grande. Everything is so big and fancy. I was only there for 2 days but I packed in so much sightseeing. My favourite building in the whole world is the Palais Garnier (Opera House).


I’ve got my toes in the water… I’ve been to Mexico twice, both times for weddings. I try and have a new adventure each time I go somewhere!

United States

I did a road trip with some friends through the western US after undergrad. Since then I’ve gone multiple times for conferences and vacations. Then I moved to Pittsburgh, and now I live in Salt Lake City. Each state has so much to see.


Everyone should explore their home country. Canada is so vast and has so many wonders to see. I am proud to be from such a wonderful country.

There are so many other places I want to travel to next. Don’t ask me to try and list my top 5 because I literally want to go to every country on this earth. Part of my bucket list is to see every World Heritage Site. And I would never say no to a waterfall.