Open Source Resources

I believe in the dissemination and sharing of resources and tools.

We are all in this together.

I found it incredibly helpful to see examples of faculty applications while putting together my own. Here, I am sharing my Teaching Philosophy, DEI Statement, and Research Plans from my application package. I have both a 2-page and 5-page version of my Research Plans, as each call has different requirements. These documents took a lot of effort and reflection to compose. Therefore, I encourage those applying to faculty positions to really reflect inwards to decide what you want your future lab to look like, what you think is important with regards to teaching and mentorship, and consider your DEI values and acknowledge the privileges you have.

GitHub – Spontaneous Classification

SpontaneousClassification is an open source Matlab GUI, available for Windows and Mac, that contains a program to detect, visualize, and characterize episodes of spontaneous motor activity recorded from the ventral roots of developing mice. It contains 2 trained artificial neural network for automatic classification of episodes of activity.

GitHub – Pavlovian Walking

This repository contains a demo controller that produced walking in a hemiplegia model using intraspinal microstimulation. The controller used reinforcement learning and Pavlovian control to learn predictions of walking-relevant sensors and control stimulation, respectively. This controller was used in Dalrymple et al., 2020.

Data Repository – Spontaneous Classification

This data repository contains the raw data files and code from the GitHub repository that were used to train and test the SpontaneousClassification GUI. These data were also used in the companion publication Dalrymple et al., 2019.


I think that pre-prints are a fantastic way to quickly disseminate research and make it available to the scientific community. They also allow work to be cited as soon possible, which is useful in fast moving fields such as engineering and computing science. I have several pre-prints that were published prior to the peer-reviewed articles. You can find them on my publications page and my CV.